Instructions for authors

Oral Presentations

Presentations should be saved as pdf or ppt(x) files and sent to bds2018 at  the day before the scheduled session. You can use either the common 4:3 format or the 16:9 format, please indicate in your message which format you have used.

We invite the authors to consider that the time for questions is included in the total time given to their oral presentation in the conference program. 

We would recommend following this scheme:


Invited Speakers:                30 min

Contributed Speakers:       20 min

Young Researcher:             12 min


25 min

17 min

10 min


5 min

3 min

2 min

Speakers are obviously free to follow a different time repartition, but the total time cannot exceed what indicated in the conference program. The session chairs will be asked to strictly follow the schedule and we remind that scientific discussion can continue, in a peaceful and respectful way, during the coffee breaks.

Poster presentations

When preparing your poster, please use a portrait layout with a maximum width of 83 cm (A0 format).

We will have two poster sessions, one on Monday and one on Wednesday, from 4 pm till 5 pm. For the session of Monday (P1-P25), posters can be hang from Monday morning Wednesday morning (9 am), for the session od Wednesday (P26-P51), posters can be hang on Wednesday morning (9 am) till the end of the conference.

Conference LOGO

Our logo is inspired by Manneken-Pis, a small statue of a baby urinating in a fountain, landmark of the city of Brussels. 


Here you can download our logo in two different version